How to Set up & Edit Case Groups

Track allows you to create, edit and track customer support cases submitted by your customers via your chatbot. 

New Case Group

To create a new case group, select Case Groups then New Case Group

Give your Case Group a name and add custom fields to gather the data you need your customers to provide. 

Editing a Case Group

Once your Case Groups are created, click on the Case Group you want to edit. You can edit the categories, custom fields, register persons, add respondents, and edit the notification email template. 

Categories - If you need to define the categories of data in each case, go to the Categories tab and set up to three levels of data per category (i.e. Credit > Fraud > Credit Card). 

Persons - If you need to manually add the profile of the customer filing the complaint, go to the Persons tab and create a person. 

Respondents - If you want to add a respondent, click the respondent tab and then create new respondent. Enter the respondent's name and information in the tab.

Email Notification Template - You can edit the email notification template by clicking on the tab. Enter the email content and select the relevant tags to be included in the email. 

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