How to Add Custom Branding to your Webchat

Icons, language, color scheme, emojis, positioning

You can easily customize your Webchat in your dashboard.

Here's how you can do that:

1. Under the BotEditor tab, select the Bot you'd like to brand from the dropdown menu. 

2. Hover over the left-side menu on the page and select "Channels." 

3. Select Webchat. 

4. Scroll down to UI Settings where you will see the following options:

     - Custom Branding

     - Welcome Screen

     - Customer Satisfaction

     - Pre-chat Form

Custom Branding

Under Custom Branding you can:

1. Upload a custom icon

2. Enter a personalized Webchat title and sub-title and change the language of the display

3. Edit your color scheme 

4. Select the positioning of your chat box

5. Enable or disable Emojis

6. Edit the display size of mobile webchat

You can customize the above for each language that you offer. Ensure that you click "Save Settings" at the top once you're complete. 

Welcome Screen

You can personalize the title and text of the welcome screen that customers will see when they begin a chat. 

You can also change the language of the text here.

Customer Satisfaction

You can turn on/off the customer satisfaction survey that appears once a chat has ended with the customer.

You can also personalize the survey message that your customer will see in each language that you offer. 

Pre-chat Form

You can turn on/off the pre-chat form that appears at the start of a chat with the customer. 

This form can be used to collect data from your customer and further understand their inquiry before you start chatting with them. 


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