Setting up Canned Messages

Canned messages are predetermined responses to common questions. Having a saved list of answers can help with speed and convenience for both the customer and the agent. 

Agents have the ability to set up their own canned responses in ChatCenter.

To set a canned message:

1. Select the ‘Settings’ button on the right-hand side of the ChatCenter screen. 

2. Select which bot and team the canned message is being set for by clicking on the setting wheel on the appropriate team.

3. Once on the team settings page, select the ‘Canned Messages’ tab. 

4. Enter your message and click 'Add'. 

Your message will be saved into a list that you choose from when in your chats. You can see this list on the right side of your chat page. 

To use one of your canned messages, simply click on the message from the list on the right side of your chat page and click enter to send it to the customer. 

You can also set and save canned messages directly from your chat page. 

1. Click on the settings wheel on the canned messages block on the right side of your chat page. 

2. Type your message and click 'Add'. 

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